Pre-K Curriculum Review With BookShark!

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I am so excited to finally write this blogpost all about our homeschooling with BookShark, what is BookShark you ask?

BookShark is a literature-based 4 day homeschool curriculum. It is very open-and-go, easy to use which is a lifesaver for a mom of three. It is also very engaging. The full Pre-K package comes with all the books, work-books and Instructor’s Guide needed to embark on this homeschooling journey. After recieving our package, my son loved seeing all of the books that come with the curriculum. So many different kinds of books, stories and lessons to learn about. He loved going through all of the books and pointing out different letters and colors just from the covers. He recognized the Winnie-the-Pooh book from our favorite movie and that is going to be so fun to read through.

Some of the books included

These are just a few of the books included in the Pre-K All Subject Package. I love that if you buy the full package, they also give you a tote bag which makes taking the books everywhere so much easier! I really like that there is such a wide variety of books to go through this year and the workbooks are also very fun to do. We like to take our books for the week on our tote bag and homeschool outdoors.

I really like that the books are big, colorful and easy to hold for small little hands. The workbooks are also really easy to use and understand. My son loves that he gets to color, learn different things everyday and it never feels too overwhelming for him. While I also get to make sure he is learning everything that he needs to learn.

The Instructor’s Guide comes in handy as it breaks down each day and everything that you will need to do. My favorite part about BookShark is that it is a 4 day open-and-go curriculum. The guide gives you a step-by-step run-down of your days, making it super easy to go through. It definitely make my life a lot easier, to know exactly which books to grab, what activities and workbooks we will be using that week. It gives me a sense of expectation, knowing exactly what to do, everything is laid out in the Instructor’s Guide, everything that needs to be done that week or day.

Overall we have been super impressed and pleased with how much is covered in this curriculum and how in depth it is. The stories are perfect for pre-k and fun to read. The workbooks are exciting and easy to do as well. My son has been loving to do his homeschool everyday. I love that it makes him excited about reading and learning. He always thinks that he is just playing around and I love that he gets to learn while having fun.

You can learn more about BookShark and what they offer here!

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