Adding Neutral Pieces To My Kitchen

Some of these links contain affiliates.

I always love to have pretty neutrals at home and that is the same for my kitchen as well! I thought I’d share some commissionable links of the items I have at home just in case you want to check them out.

Some of these items can be found in my Amazon Storefront if you prefer to shop straight from there, they are under the “Home” tab.

My absolute favorite and cleanest pots and pans are from Caraway Home they are the prettiest, safest ceramic, no stick pans around! I highly recommend them, these are in the color “Cream” but I also have a few in the color “Sage” which is the prettiest earthy green! You can click here to get yours and save 10% off! Not only that but they JUST launched a new set of bakeware and for a limited time until 10/05/2021 I can offer you $40 off the new bakeware set or cookware sets! Seriously the best deal ever!! Click here to get $40 OFF!

Amazon Utensils and Canisters

These Amazon canisters are too pretty! They are heavy and really well made, comes in a pack of three different sizes. Get yours here. Also these neutral color utensils are seriously so pretty, get them here.

I got my tea towels and little pumpkins at Target on their bullseye playground section so I can’t find them online but I’m linking these towels and these pumpkins that are really similar and these mini pumpkins are super cute too!

The little free standing mini wooden latter in the background is from my fall 2021 Decocrated box and you can get yours and save $15 off your quarterly/annual subscription with my code: ” ALY15″ or by clicking here.

That’s it for now! Let me know below if you prefer neutral or colorful decorations?

Until next time!

Love, Aly