Glow: Potency, Book 1 Review


Today’s book review is for Aubrey Hadley’s upcoming book Glow: Potency, Book 1.

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Thanks to Netgalley I got a free eARC (electronic advanced reading copy) in exchange for my review.

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end so let me start off by saying that i am not a professional reader, i am just someone who loves to read.

Glow: Potency

The whole plot was from another world good! We start off with Harper, her family and her friends. The first few chapters of course start off a little bit slow as they introduce everyone and tell you some background info about Harper’s life.

What i loved about Harper is that she isn’t your typical girl next door, not that she needs to be. She is just a normal 17 year old who feels confused and awkward most of the time because come on who doesn’t at that age? She gets mad at her mom and all she wants to do is be with her friends, have fun and play soccer. Understandably like any girl her age, she is down to earth and quite relateable. I also love that she is homeschooled because I myself homeschool my daughter 🙂

Anyways, one day Maasai Mara Sleeping Syndrome hits her home and everything and everyone she knows changes. With Glow we are taken into a whole new world filled with exciting new adventures as well as scary, challenging parts.

What comes next was completely unexpected, the author takes you into another world that is so mind blowing, fast paced and has you so fascinated by it all.

We learn a whole lot more about something that would have never crossed Harper’s mind and we get to new characters, new friendships and confusing times. Harper is completely pushed to her limit and totally out of her comfort zone to be able to survive and become who she wants to be.

The middle and end chapters are filled with adventure, plot twists and ultimately a goal in sight: to make it out alive.

I was genuinely surprised with the outcome and many other things in a good way. I literally could not put it down. I read it and less than a week because it was that good and Glow is not a small book haha! It only actually took me that long because i am pretty busy as a mom of three, if it wasn’t because of that i would have finished it sooner!

I would definitely recommend Glow to anyone who not only likes sci-fi and young adult genre but reading in general. This is such a heartwarming, heart racing, out of this world book. I cannot wait what’s to come with what seems to be a second book! So exciting!!

Aubrey’s book, Glow comes out July 16 (a week before my birthday!!!)

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