Seventh Generation Multi-Purpose Wipes

Hi! Long time no see! Haha

It’s been quite a while but I am hopefully back to blogging more regularly, I am going to try, i promise.

Today i have for you a fun little product that i have been testing out, these Seventh Generation Multi-Purpose wipes.


With three kids in the house i am bound to have messes everywhere. Spills, dirty surfaces, sticky messes, you name it, it’s been there and I’ve cleaned it.

It is also because i have kids, that i am always looking out and trying to find household products that wont be a danger to them or full of chemicals and nasty ingredients.


These Seventh Generation Wipes are made without dyes or synthetic fragrances they are 98% USDA certified bio based. I was lucky to the “fresh mint” scent and it is the most lovely and light smell, they work incredibly well cleaning all surfaces.


Description as per their website:

Make quick work of everyday messes with Seventh Generation’s Multi-Purpose Wipes. They’re perfect for all-purpose, anytime cleaning on kitchen counters, appliances, bathrooms, kids’ toys—and most surfaces in your busy home. Our wipes are a 98% USDA Certified Bio based product, providing a powerful clean with one-step convenience, and without dyes or synthetic fragrances. Plus, our garden mint scent is made from essential oils and botanical ingredients, for a smell that’s delightfully refreshing and isn’t overpowering.”


Thanks to @seventhgeneration i no longer have to worry about that, their new multi purpose wipes are the perfect choice! They have clean ingredients, natural scents made from essential oils and botanical ingredients.

If you want to join the Seventh Generation Community and learn more about clean living, making a better impact on the world, reduce your carbon footprint and the chance to try out new products by Seventh Generation; click here.

Thank you so much to the #seventhgenerationcommunity for allowing me to try these in exchange for my review. #Ad

Until next time!