Stand Up For Accurate Labeling


(Image via Seventh Generation)

While this post may make some uncomfortable, this is important not only for me and you but also for our daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters, girlfriends and all the females in between.

Why is it important?

Can you believe that there isn’t a law that requires any brand to disclose the ingredients that are used in sanitary products like pads or tampons!

This means that women are often left to worry about the products that they are putting in the most sensitive part of their body.

This is why Women’s Voices for the Earth and Seventh Generation with Representative Grace Meng introduced the Menstrual Products Right to Know Act which means that it will give us the right to know what is in our feminine care products.

The whole truth

Right now, some companies tell you a little bit about what’s in their products. While tampon and pad manufacturers aren’t required to disclose ingredients, many do include some basic information on their packages about the ingredients — unless they use fragrance. A ‘fragrance’ in a product can be made up of 50-200 different ingredients, many for which health data simply doesn’t exist. This black box means that you could be exposing your body to fragrance ingredients without even knowing it.
(Quoted from Seventh Generation)

We can do better!

Forward-thinking companies are already doing the right thing for women by voluntarily disclosing the ingredients used in their products. And leaders like Seventh Generation are taking the extra step to advocate for transparency industry-wide by co-sponsoring a rally in May.

Together, on May 23, women concerned about their health stood alongside business leaders and tell Congress that we have the right to know what’s in the products we use so intimately. Congress can do their part by enacting a very simple, common-sense law.
(Quoted from Seventh Generation)

Wow, I learned that the average woman uses 16,000 tampons over time, and that no federal law requires makers to disclose the ingredients in them. Protecting the right to know is important for all women in our lives. Learn more about this! #generationgood click here to know more.

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Be your own advocate and stand up to your right to know about what is inside your feminine care products, if this matters to you please share it!

Until next time!